Burias Campus Community Development Extension Project (CDEP), Establishment of Techno Demo Project in Different Sitios of Barangay Burias, Awareness and Utilization of Briquette Technology at Barangay Burias
Pontevedra Campus Suporta sa Aton Komunidad para sa Paglab-ot sang Ila Damgu kag Gugma sa Pagbag-o (SAKDAG sa PAGBAG-O), Training cum Production on Fish and Meat Processing and Training on Fish and Meat Processing
Roxas City Main Mobile Technology School (MTS), Serbisyo sa Komunidad Aton Ihatag (SKAI), Mobile Business Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation (MOV), and Community Disaster Awareness and Preparedness (CDAP), Gender and Development and Socia Responsibility (GAD ‘n’ SOR), Livelihood Skills Training and Entrepreneurship (LivTrep)
Sigma Satellite College Skills Integration in the Grassroots through Mobilization and Application of Highly Assisted Networking of Opportunities and Nurturing Program (SIGMAHANON), Meat Processing and Preservation, Computer Literacy for Officials/Professionals, Automotive Servicing/Driving 
Tapaz Satellite College  Agri-Technology Extension Project (ATEP), Vermicomposting and Organic Vegetable Production
Mambusao Satellite College Serving Households through Agri-Technological and Entrepreneurial System (SHINES)
Dumarao Satellite College Bamboo Production, Rabies Vaccination and Awareness, Agriculture (Organic Farming) and Nutrition, Darag Native Chicken Production, EthnobotanicalDewormer& Dangerous Drugs Awareness (BRANDED), Mobile Veterinary Clinic, Bamboo Production, Duck Production for Upland Farmers, Native Chicken and Pig Production
Pilar Satellite College Skills Development, Advocacy,Volunteerism and Empowerment (SAVE) Program, NEGOS-U-ESKWELA, Munting Kusina sa Barangay (MKB), Organic Chicken Production (OCP), Organic Pig Production (OPP), Vermiculture/Vermicast Production, Organic Soybean Production and Utilization, Organic Salted Egg Production, Literacy Program 
Community Extension Services Office  BREDRUP (Barangay Resource and Entrepreneurial Development for Rural Upliftment Program) Animal Dispersal, Technical Services, Organic Farming, Livelihood Training, Vermicomposting, Mushroom Production, Cacao Production