The Capiz State University Research, Development and Extension Center (CapSU RDEC) managed by learned and professional leaders and supported by highly skilled and trained, professionally inspired and properly motivated personnel who will help propel the University toward achieving excellence and global competitiveness through relevant and quality research and development endeavors and clients-based extension activities.



     RDEC shall plan and implement R& D activities that are responsive to the needs of the times and ensure that such activities are balanced along various disciplines, curricular programs and advocacies that are forwarded and supported by the University and aligned with the development goals of the region and the country.

     It shall also continuously conduct extension activities including development of IEC materials that particularly respond or cater to the needs of the clients; and strengthen linkage and collaboration efforts with other agencies for enhanced community services.



  • Quality and globally competitive researches and extension projects relevant to the current issues and concerns of man’s existence and his environment;
  • Client-responsive and sustainable community outreach programs and projects;
  • Strong linkage with other institutions for professional, technical and financial support;
  • Consistent promotion of University’s research projects through collaboration and  publications;
  • Participation and paper presentations of faculty researchers and extension workers in local, national and international assemblies, conventions, forums and other similar activities;
  • Publication of instructional, educational and communication (IEC) materials for appropriate technologies;
  • Adequately trained and inspired researchers, extension professionals and support personnel and staff;
  • Fair and equal opportunities to research and extension institutes of the Center;
  • High morale of RDEC frontliners 
  • Cost-effective and profitable spending of the RDEC funds