Center of Academic Excellence Delivering Quality Service to all.



Capiz State University is committed to provide advance knowledge and innovation; develop skills, talents and values; undertake relevant research, development and extension services; promote entrepreneurship and environmental consciousness; and enhance industry collaboration and linkages with partner agencies.



  • Globally competitive graduates
  • Institutionalized  research culture
  • Responsive and sustainable extension services
  • Maximized profit of viable agro-industrial business ventures
  • Effective and efficient administration


Guiding Principles

As provided in the University Code, the operation of the University is guided by the following principles:

(a) Academic Freedom.  The University has the right and the responsibility to exercise academic freedom. Institutional academic freedom is the freedom of the university from intervention and control in the conduct of its affairs. Individual academic freedom is the right of the teacher and the student to conduct academic and scholarship inquiry and to publish the results without prior restraint or subsequent punishment.

(b) Responsibility.  As a public institution supported by public funds, the University is responsible for carrying out the basic principles laid down by the Constitution of the Philippines and the University Charter and to relate its activities and offerings to the needs of the region and the nation. Training for responsible leadership and citizenship shall be provided to those who abide by the norms of the institution to achieve their maximum potential in a society that respects human dignity to attain the common goal. 

(c) Academic Standards. The University shall achieve and maintain high academic standards of instruction, research, extension, and production; and  all other administrative and auxiliary activities shall be supportive of these functions.


Core Values

The university shall strive to exemplify the following core values as the foundations of all actions:

(a)  God-Centered CapSU adheres to the greatest of all commandments.  The first is to Love God with all our heart, soul, and strength. The second is Love of neighbor/fellowmen as ourselves. Everything we do in CapSU is for the honor and glory of God and for the welfare of humanity.

(b)  Excellence “We excel where it counts.” In CapSU, all our endeavors will be undertaken to the best of our ability.  All services will be delivered within our “level best”.  All jobs and HR advancement will be based on merit and fitness, placing the right mix of people at the right job. Performance will be characterized by fineness, brilliance and distinction. 

(c) Integrity “Honesty is the best policy.” All the instruction, research, extension, and production activities are in the pursuit of truth-being defined as the knowledge of things as they are, as they were, and as they are to come. The methodologies and approaches are scientific, credible/reliable, verifiable and dedicated to the formation of honest, honorable, righteous and productive citizens of the community. 

(d) Transparency and Accountability  The Agency Transparency Seal showing the simplicity, clearness, precision and intelligibility of all our services and transactions are posted on the CapSU website:  We are responsible and accountable for our actions.  We must be proactive, as such, we must act rather than to be acted upon.

(e) Dedication to Quality Service We will honor our Commitment to pursue a task to its completion, devotion to duty, and loyalty to CapSU as an institution as summed up in the acronym, RACE: Responsive, Accessible, Courteous and Effective Public Service